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Case Studies

Complete 2.4.4 Magento Before the First School Bell? It’s possible!

Which means how Mokida e-shop was implemented using the most modern PWA technology within the deadline of before the 1st September?




Our Partner contacted us with a challenge, which was a complete implementation of an  e-shop with children products based on Magento, to be ready before the beginning of the school year. It was supposed to be a complex multi-brand platform, which would combine a possibility to purchase products of various brands. The implementation period was over six months to complete that task so that marketing campaigns could coincide with the school year beginning.

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Mokida about this project:

A tight deadline, new technology, new multi-brand concept, all this was against us, however the project was completed on time. We hope our Customers will like Mokida. We are really satisfied with introduction of a new tool, PIM (Product Information Management), which allows us to manage products efficiently. Thanks to professional support from Fast White Cat, we feel that we are ready to expand our operations to foreign markets.

Szymon Przybyła, Head of Operations, on cooperation with Fast White Cat

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