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Case Studies

Magento-based Subscription Model

How Magento was used for creating a personalised website with a possibility of electronic devices rental and subscription?

Digital Care has been on the market for twelve years, operating on four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. The mission of Digital Care is to create innovative solutions, which support mobile devices users and improve their experience while using such devices, as well as building a one-stop-shop, in which all services for mobile devices owners are available in one place.

When the paths of Digital Care and Fast White Cat crossed, an innovative solution for business in one of the most profitable models in the world, which is the subscription model.

Let’s see what it means!



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Digital Care Group about this project:

Cooperation with Fast White Cat has been professional and in a good atmosphere. The dedicated to our project is characterized  with knowledge not only of Magento, but also new technologies while being aware of how e-commerce industry operates. The solutions recommended by Fast White Cat are strictly tailored to our needs and fully meet our business requirements, which we have set. The implementation was delivered within the deadline, and we were
informed of the work progress on a regular basis.

Artur Świętonowski
Head of IT R&D in Digital Care Group

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