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Case Studies

Marketplace for Entrepreneurs: How Technology Has Developed Business

Marketplace for Entrepreneurs: How Technology Has Developed Business




Our partner approached us with the intention of opening a marketplace and integrating it with online leasing provided by Credit Agricole EFL Leasing (European Leasing Fund). Today, Vendora is a project owned by Credit Agricole, aiming to expand the business capabilities of the company, thereby supporting business financing and streamlining the work of leasing advisors. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Magento and our experience with this platform. How did we achieve it?

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Krzysztof Polcyn, Director of Innovation · EFL Group, about this project:

Based on the expectations and experience of our clients, as well as considering market trends and research, we have set a goal to implement solutions that support online transactions. We aimed to create a space for our business partners and customers that would enable them to engage in transactions online, with the possibility of financing these transactions through the financial services of the EFL Group. Hence, the idea of a marketplace – an innovative solution in the market with a process that allows entrepreneurs to conclude a leasing agreement 100% online. This process includes automatic credit decisions, online identity confirmation, and an agreement signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Krzysztof Polcyn, Director of Innovation · EFL Group

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