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MTP – Portfolio


Grupa MTP is a company with over a century-long tradition, boasting a portfolio of up to 100 trade fairs and events.


Grupa MTP is primarily known as the organizer of a wide spectrum of trade fairs and events. However, it also provides services related to advertising, gastronomy, catering, booth construction and space arrangement, as well as internet marketing.


For the International Poznań Fair, we implemented ticketing on Magento - the platform. Additionally, we deployed an integrated, dedicated POS system for ticket sales at customer and partner points. We also implemented dedicated ticket sales platforms for MTP partners, including:

  • ZOO Poznań
  • Poznań Sports and Recreation Center
  • Malta Thermal Baths
  • Poznań Ławica Airport Parking, along with a dedicated B2B platform
  • History Land
  • Other dedicated websites for selling tickets for specific recurring events, such as Air Show

Wioleta Grabarska,
Director of Visitors, on collaboration with Fast White Cat:

As the MTP Group, we were looking for a company with extensive experience in e-commerce web projects, especially for clients with unique needs and in industries with seasonal sales peaks. We wanted a solution that was market-proven and versatile, yet flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of a ticket-selling platform. Thanks to our collaboration with Fast White Cat, we were able to design and implement one of the most modern ticket-selling platforms on the Polish market. Fast White Cat proposed the most optimal solutions and brought an interesting and modern approach to the implementation. The collaboration proceeded in a professional atmosphere, and the experts at Fast White Cat were open to our evolving needs while actively sharing their own experience and knowledge.

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