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Wialan – Portfolio


Wialan is a manufacturer of high-quality fertilizers, operating since 1992.


Wialan offers tens of thousands of products and efficiently manages the logistics of the goods it sells. Competent specialists collaborate with customers to provide essential services for their businesses. The company's business model is based on two main pillars: cooperation with retail outlets and collaboration with agricultural producers. Within each of these target groups, the company offers commercial goods and provides a range of business-related services.


We have carried out the B2C implementation for the stores: and, as well as the B2B platform implementation. By migrating the sales platform of the Wialan brand to a higher version of Magento, we have increased the average shopping cart value and streamlined the order placement process.

Hubert Burzec, online Store Manager on collaboration with Fast White Cat:

In business, it's essential to choose reliable partners who can align default platform solutions with individual e-commerce needs. We are aware that our project posed a challenge for all collaborating teams; nevertheless, we managed to find a place that allows us to move forward and develop our business idea.

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