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Fast White Cat
in eCommerce we trust

Our team includes certified Magento developers

We deal with the professional implementation of Magento online stores. Why have stores running on Magento? Only Magento is so flexible and gives such great possibilities of development for your eCommerce business, including all the possible integrations.

Over 250,000 eCommerce stores are based on this platform, which makes it the most popular solution in the world. See for yourself! Check out our Magento implementations.

Partnering with us gives many


  • The stores we create are distinguished by:

    • Adaptation to mobile devices (FULL RWD)
    • Modern design, in accordance with UX
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Higher revenue
    • Complete integration with your systems
    • Tested functionalities which increase sales
  • Project Manager

    Even though we are tech geeks, we still value interpersonal relations. That is why we dedicate a Project Manager to each client. The Project Manager contacts the client directly and oversees the whole project. Their tasks are not only to make sure that the emerging online store is created just as the client wished and the marketing strategy to be implemented in such a manner as to best support sales in the eCommerce model, but they are also responsible for effective communication between our team and the client.

    It is the Project Manager who will accompany you from the first days of cooperation. They will listen to your needs and expectations. Together with you and the team, they will meticulously analyze your brief, so that ultimately we can bring to life the project of your dreams. They will inform you about the creation progress of your new online store, will carefully listen to your remarks, and with great care make sure that our cooperation runs smoothly.


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