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We are

We bet on Magento for a reason!

Why Magento?

We deal with the professional implementation of Magento online stores. Why have stores running on Magento? Only Magento is so flexible and gives such great possibilities of development for your eCommerce business, including all the possible integrations.

Over 250,000 eCommerce stores are based on this platform, which makes it the most popular solution in the world. See for yourself! Check out our Magento implementations.

Our certificates

Work with professionals!

The skills of our developers are confirmed by Magento certificates. We are constantly expanding our competences and use the newest technologies. For this reason you can be sure that your store will be created quickly, professionally, and with latest eCommerce technological solutions.


Technological stack

We select the environment, tools and systems to ensure the highest comfort of development work and the quality of project management. We have specialist experience in:


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    Fast White Cat S.A.
    ul. Fabryczna 6, 53-609 Wrocław

    Tax identification number: 8971779243
    REGON: 021761553

    Data Protection Officer

    Monika Foryt
    Data Protection Officer

    Katarzyna Sekuła
    Deputy Data Protection Officer

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