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This technology advantages have convinced more than e-commerce manager. PWA has a possibility to gain the look and feel of a mobile application, which is fully coherent with the e-shop layout, without developing a mobile application in the traditional sense of this term. PWA allows for much cheaper and efficient mobile application development. What is more, this technology, even today, can boast about a strong community all over the world, which cares for its continued growth – comments Elżbieta Pawełek-Lubera, Head of PM w Fast White Cat.

Elżbieta Pawełek-Lubera
Head of PM w Fast White Cat

The pace which the market development puts on our business, led to the decision to move forward the new application implementation. The business goal was to increase the conversion rate by facilitating shopping for our Customers and increasing their loyalty. PWA solution was selected because we can see an incredible potential for sales growth and communication with Customers in this technology, while taking into account the project timeline, features, and cost optimization of the development and further maintenance. I think PWA is a perfect solution for businesses, which are not giants in the market, but they aim high.

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