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Karolina Obszyńska Aug 24. 2023
The AI boom is ongoing, and e-commerce companies are reaping the benefits of intelligent solutions that provide solid support at every stage of business processes. What AI tools should you know and use? Let's explore five recommendations that will take our business to the next level.

Compose AI

Let's begin with a tool that automates content creation, a critical element in optimizing any website. While a creative writer is irreplaceable, high workloads can diminish the quality of their output, negatively impacting search engine rankings.

Compose AI is an effective tool that assists in generating unique content - not only for blogs but also for social media posts and newsletters sent regularly to customers. This tool, available as a browser extension, creates unique and engaging (and SEO-optimized) content based on advanced patterns and user preferences.

Currently, Compose AI offers a free version, but if satisfied with its performance, businesses can unlock its potential through a Premium or Ultimate subscription, providing unlimited content generation. Larger e-commerce businesses will surely appreciate such content marketing support. Betterfeedback AI

Any respectable e-commerce business planning for long-term growth cannot ignore customer feedback. For larger organizations, customer feedback is widely scattered - across comparison websites, various social media platforms, blog comments, and most significantly, in Google search results.

Manually collecting all these opinions is a significant challenge, let alone analyzing them. AI-powered tools like Betterfeedback AI come to the rescue. It's an excellent solution for e-commerce businesses that want to prioritize customer feedback but struggle to find the right solution. Betterfeedback AI integrates with various platforms, gathers and analyzes opinions, and even provides valuable trend insights to help us focus on what matters most to customers. It also supports the process of improving specific business aspects by pinpointing user priorities for improvement.

This tool comes in four versions: Starter, Growth, Business, and Enterprise. Trying out the cheapest option, Starter, is a good way to see if the software meets your expectations. Astria AI

Do you need dozens, perhaps hundreds of graphics to enhance articles, social media posts, or presentations of your services and products? Do you lack the time for professional photography or find that free stock images no longer suffice? Try out Astria AI, a tool for creating high-quality images.

With this software, you can generate quality visuals and images, as well as receive comprehensive support for creating ads on your website and Google search results. Astria AI doesn't offer a subscription model at the moment - you pay for each AI-generated graphic, video, or a package of eight images. However, using Astria ensures that your content is both informative and visually appealing without the need for extensive human involvement. LivePerson AI

Is your customer service department overwhelmed, and customers are complaining about long wait times? This is a major challenge for large e-commerce businesses with a wide range of offerings, receiving dozens of inquiries daily.

While some may suggest employing a chatbot, investing in an innovative AI-based solution like LivePerson AI can yield even better results. This tool seamlessly integrates with virtually all online sales channels, ensuring comprehensive customer service across various touchpoints.

Based on historical data, LivePerson AI analyzes customer journeys on our website and anticipates their next steps, automatically providing relevant content. The algorithm not only answers customer questions but also reacts to typical behaviors, enhancing user satisfaction with our services. The tool's pricing is determined individually after assessing our needs. Undoubtedly, this is a great solution for large e-commerce businesses experiencing customer service bottlenecks. Brand24

A thriving e-commerce business is one that consistently monitors the market for any information about its brand's reputation on a macro scale. Skillful professionals can identify sentiment based solely on brand mentions and implement appropriate actions to enhance the company's visual identity.

While challenging, the Brand24 tool can help. Based on AI algorithms, this software operates in real-time, processing natural language and generating transparent reports that serve as an excellent foundation for analyzing our industry position. It analyzes content published across social media platforms, forums, blogs, news portals, and other media sources where discussions about our brand may occur. Every major e-commerce business needs positive PR for growth, and Brand24 provides objective data about how customers perceive us.

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