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Utilizing Instagram in E-Commerce

Karolina Obszyńska Aug 24. 2023
Why should a comprehensive marketing strategy for a large e-commerce store include an Instagram profile? What benefits does this platform offer to e-commerce brands? You'll find out from our guide.

As revealed by Ipsos research, nearly three-quarters of Instagram users respond positively to advertisements displayed on this platform. This makes it the premier medium for promotional activities. In this regard, Instagram has surpassed platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. According to Instagram's own data, approximately 90 percent of regular users follow at least one business.

The advertising potential of Instagram is truly immense. Its broad reach combined with an extensive set of dedicated features make it effective for both small and large companies. In this article, we will focus on the opportunities Instagram provides for owners of large e-commerce stores.

Why is it worthwhile to promote a store on Instagram?

Instagram can serve as both the main source of traffic for your store and an additional channel for promotional efforts. Regardless of the industry, advertising on this platform is a good idea, as its users have various interests and needs. Several factors contribute to successful campaigns, with the most important being:

Large user base: With over 1.2 billion users (nearly 16 million of whom are Polish speakers), the platform enables you to build a useful followers' base, even for large stores.

Availability of advanced marketing tools: Precise ad targeting becomes easier thanks to Instagram's ability to reach individuals interested in your store's offerings. The platform allows you to precisely define target groups based on demographics, interests, online behavior patterns, and many other factors.

Sales support: By integrating your store with Instagram, you can enable users to make purchases directly on the platform, without needing to visit your website.

Diverse post formats: Collaboration with influencers and features such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, Live, and Reels allow you to tailor your communication style to match your industry and target audience profile.

User engagement: Thanks to various advertising formats, Instagram boasts one of the highest ad acceptance rates among social media platforms, exceeding 70 percent.

How to Build Reach on Instagram?

The key to a successful Instagram campaign lies in building a sufficiently large reach. When building your follower base, consider the following aspects:

Engaging content: Valuable content that is useful for your customers is essential for building organic reach. It should relate to your store's offerings while providing added value to your audience, such as inspiration or solutions to problems.

Post timing: Develop a posting schedule based on Instagram statistics to determine when your audience is most active.

Consistent engagement: Instagram's algorithm favors profiles that consistently generate similar engagement levels in their posts. Strive for uniform reactions from followers across all your content.

Paid reach acquisition: Organic reach is not the only option. Especially during the base-building phase, consider using sponsored posts to reach a wider audience.

Building Close Relationships with Customers

One of the major challenges in establishing the image of a large online store is the perceived distance between the business and its customers. Instagram's offerings can help overcome this barrier. Skillful utilization of these options allows you to present the store as more approachable and human. To achieve this, focus on:

Understanding your target audience and adapting communication (tone of voice, graphic style, type of promotional actions, etc.).

Maintaining consistency: Elements of your campaign should be interconnected.

Accessibility enhancements: Adding captions to videos or audio descriptions can make your offerings accessible to people with disabilities.

Audience activation, e.g., through surveys or contests, allowing you to better understand your customers' expectations.

Showcasing behind-the-scenes store operations, such as regular posts showcasing challenges your staff faces and the atmosphere in your team.

Instagram Store Advertising – How to Organize It?

The marketing potential of Instagram is not only indicated by its user base but also by the variety of tools available for your campaigns. When it comes to promoting large e-commerce stores, the most important aspects include:

Using data available in business account statistics.

Adapting communication style to match customer profiles.

Ensuring aesthetics in both visual and textual aspects.

Establishing close relationships with customers and bridging the gap between them and your brand.

Utilizing the technical capabilities provided by the platform.

By following these principles, you can fully leverage Instagram's advertising potential and boost sales for your store. This popular social media platform offers extensive possibilities to reach a broad user base, both organically and through paid campaigns, ultimately facilitating the gradual construction of your e-store's image and brand awareness.

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