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Coccodrillo – Portfolio


Coccodrillo is a well-known brand of clothing for infants and children, trusted by parents.


Every year, a specialized team designs the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections. Dozens of diverse collections are created annually for both girls and boys. Coccodrillo strives to ensure that every parent can find what they are looking for their child in Coccodrillo stores. The range includes everyday, sporty, and elegant clothing. The company always draws inspiration from children's imagination when creating its designs because the youngest are the true judges of its products. The company places the utmost importance on quality and functionality.


In 100 days, we designed a dedicated e-shop layout, transferred 3 language versions (Polish, Czech, Slovak) along with the products and content of the existing online store, and integrated it with a new Magento 2 ERP system. In the subsequent stages of the project, we launched two other stores for our Partner on the same Magento installation: and

Tomasz Przybyła, Vice President of the Board of CDRL s.a, owner of the Coccodrillo brand, on collaboration with Fast White Cat:

Fast White Cat is a reliable partner! Their experts are highly committed and ready for the most challenging tasks. We had discussions with several entities that were unable to meet the deadline. Despite time pressure and project complexity, we were able to celebrate the New Year together, and our customers could buy their favorite Coccodrillo outfits in a new version.

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