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Case Studies

How to introduce an online sales platform to as many as six European markets at once?

Creating a new FAKRO eCommerce platform which will introduce the brand to six European markets: Poland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and Austria, and thanks to a modern, consistent appearance, will attractively present the FAKRO offer.

How we approached this challenge?

FAKRO is always committed to modern solutions, not only in regard to their products but also in other areas of activity. This is particularly visible in marketing, where FAKRO activity has already included the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), an e-learning platform and application. Now the time has come for changes in eCommerce. Recent times have proven that customers expect easy access to information about products and the possibility of online purchases. New trends have coincided with our requirements; hence we had come to a decision to prepare an online store with the aid of an experienced partner. The project was very ambitious because the store was prepared for six European countries at the start. Each of the stores offers a unique range of products, while navigation is intuitive. Everything was designed with modern graphics and the PWA technology enables convenient use of the store on mobile devices. The store is founded on a solution which allows for continuous development, hence we already have plans for new functionalities and the launch of the store in other countries. Development of eCommerce is only the beginning of other projects which are to support each other…

Sławomir Gawlik
Sławomir Gawlik
Marketing Director of FAKRO Group

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