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Case Studies

Preparing store to receive increased traffic during Black Friday


An order every 0.94 seconds in an online store based Magento Open Source?


So how we prepared our Partner’s store, a significant eCommerce brand, to receive increased traffic during Black Friday*.
*and why we prepare all our clients’ stores this way.


How did we approach the execution of this project?

We take a forward-thinking and responsible approach to projects – when we implement an online store, we do not only think of the here and now, but we also prepare the store for what may happen in the future and what terms the business world may dictate. That is why we make sure that the stores we implement be scaled and provide a growth perspective for our Partner’s businesses. One of the examples of such an approach is our cooperation with a popular Polish eCommerce company, which we prepared for a large number of orders – as a result, the store worked without a hiccup and generated a vast number of orders in times of increased traffic, such as Black Friday. Which?


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FWC about this project:

Magento is surely the right choice when thinking about a sales platform prepared to take on
extremely high traffic, also in an Open-Source version. The undisturbed service of every
transaction is the primary objective for every eCommerce at a time of the highest sales
peak. Years of experience with working with Magento 2, experience with advanced cloud
solutions (AWS), a strong emphasis on quality and good practices in working with Magento 2 and enabled Fast White Cat to offer a complex solution, one which is also prepared for
being appropriately adapted to a given business.

Marcin Bukowski
Marcin Bukowski
Head of Development, Fast White Cat

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