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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Basic information

The owner and operator of this website is Fast White Cat S.A. (later referred to as Fast White Cat), with their registered office in Wroclaw, at 8-11 Świętego Mikołaja street, 50-125 Wrocław, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Wroclaw-Fabryczna Court, VI Economic Division of the National Court Register, under the no. KRS 0000401249, NIP 8971779243, REGON 021761553.
People who use the website are referred to as Users.
Information presented on the website is informative in regard to the activities of Fast White Cat and relates, among others, to offering the products of our partners and organizing training courses.
The terms & Conditions are provided to every User free of charge at

User conduct on the website

Prior to using our website, every User should become familiar with the Terms & Conditions.
Use of the website should comply with the rules indicated in the Terms & Conditions, universally binding law, rules of using the Internet, and rules of social conduct.
Remember that when using our website you may not infringe the rights of third parties nor that of the website owner.
If your conduct will violate the rules, which you should abide by, we shall be entitled to demanding that you remedy the damage we incurred.
Remember that when using our website we do not require that you register. However, we can ask that you present your personal information in a situation where you would be interested in our offer, if you wish to contact us through the contact form or chat, or will be interested in our newsletter.
You should not, without our consent, copy, reproduce, or otherwise distribute the website content. Such actions may infringe on the protection afforded by legislation relating to copyrights or other applicable legal regulations.

Website content

Fast White Cat is responsible for our own content on the website.
Information presented on our website is regularly updated, so that you always have access to the most current content.
However, you must know that regardless of our best efforts it may happen that the website content be not up to date, incorrect, or incomplete. If you identify such an occurrence, we will be grateful for bringing it to our attention.
We reserve the right to change, supplement, or withdraw information associated with cooperation partners.
You must know that the only binding information relating to our offer can be attained through direct contact with use. To do so, you can contact us using the contact form, chat, or by correspondence.
We may include links to third party websites on our website. We exercise due diligence in order for these links to be verified. However, you must know that we do not take responsibility for the content or changes introduced by third parties to the websites. If you do notice that a link or website are suspicious, we will be grateful for bringing it to our attention. We shall react without undue delay.
The content of our website, especially the content published on our blog, is is protected by copyright laws.

Your personal information

Detailed information about personal data, your rights, and our responsibilities in this regard is included in the Fast White Cat Privacy Policy, available at: Please read the privacy policy prior to commencing use of the website.

Technical use of the website

You can use our website on a computer, mobile phone, or other mobile device.
The minimal requirements for the current display of the content on our website are:
Internet browser which supports HTML 5 and Java Script.


We wish to inform you that we strive for our website to be user friendly and function correctly. However, we cannot guarantee that access to the website will not be limited as a result of circumstances beyond our control. However, you must know that if this happens we will do everything in our power to correct any errors.
The Terms & Conditions which you have just read may be updated and amended by us, but remember that you can always find its current version at:
If you have any questions, please contact us:
by email:
by phone: +48 71 382 26 48
by post: ul. Oławska 27/29, 50-123 Wrocław


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