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Case Studies

How to create a faster and cheaper alternative for a classic mobile application using Progressive Web Application and… beat technology.


Our partner, Kontigo, required the performance of their online store to be enhanced for mobile devices – the previous application, delivered by a different software house, proved to be too costly and problematic in its management with such a high number of changes being introduced to the online store. Consequently, the decision was made to completely terminate the online store.

The challenge, therefore, was to meet the sudden need presented by Kontigo and create a mobile application… without creating a mobile application, because we do not have such a service in our portfolio.


How did we manage to accomplish this task?


Kontigo said about FWC

The pace imposed on us by the growth of the market resulted in the decision to speed up the implementation of a new application. The business objective was increased conversion by a facilitation of shopping, strengthening customer localisation. 


We decided on the PWA solution because in it we see a great potential for the development of sales and communication with customers, at the same time considering the time required for execution of the project, functionalities, and optimisation of implementation and further upkeep costs. 


I think that PWA is an ideal solution for businesses which are not giants on the market but do have high aspirations.

Patrycja Jaworska
Patrycja Jaworska
eCommerce Manager, Kontigo

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