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Fakro – Portfolio


FAKRO is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing companies in the roof window industry worldwide.


FAKRO offers a comprehensive range of window and door joinery products. They provide not only products but also holistic solutions that make living at home a unique pleasure. The brand has been operating for 30 years.


Launching the Fakro store under a unified sales concept in 6 markets - Poland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Austria.

Sławomir Gawlik, Marketing Director of the FAKRO Group, on the collaboration with Fast White Cat:

FAKRO has always embraced modern solutions not only in its products but also in other areas of its business. This is particularly evident in marketing, where FAKRO has already utilized virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), an e-learning platform, and applications. Now is the right time for changes in e-commerce. The recent period has shown that customers expect easy access to product information and the ability to make purchases online. New trends align with our requirements, so we decided to partner with an experienced company to prepare an online store. The project was very ambitious because the store was immediately prepared for six European countries. Each of the stores offers a unique range of products, and navigation is intuitive. The entire design is modern, and the use of PWA technology allows for comfortable use of the store on mobile devices. The store is based on a solution that enables continuous development, and we already have plans for new features and expanding the store to additional countries. The development of e-commerce is just the beginning of other projects that are designed to support each other...

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