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Digital Care Group – Portfolio


Digital Care is a company that offers services for mobile devices at every stage of their lifecycle.


Digital Care has been in the market for 12 years, operating on four continents - Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. Digital Care's mission is to create innovative solutions that support mobile device users and enhance their experiences while using these devices. They aim to establish a one-stop-shop store where all services for mobile device owners are available in one place.


We implemented an innovative platform offering subscription-based services using Magento. We also created a corporate website.

Artur Świętonowski, Head of IT R&D at Digital Care Group, on collaboration with Fast White Cat:

Our collaboration with Fast White Cat was professional and conducted in a good atmosphere. The team dedicated to our project possessed extensive knowledge not only in Magento but also in new technologies, with an understanding of how the world of eCommerce operates. The solutions proposed by Fast White Cat, tailored specifically to our needs, fully met the business requirements we set for ourselves. The implementation was completed on time, and we were constantly kept informed of its progress during the work.

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