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Kontigo – Portfolio


Kontigo is a beauty salon and a unique brand for women to feel beautiful and empowered.


Kontigo is a cosmetic store with exceptional service and a wide range of products available at affordable prices for every woman. The Kontigo brand focuses on women; everything revolves around her. She is the most important, and the entire concept of the brand was created for her. Kontigo comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word "contigo," which means "with you!" Kontigo is a concept name that reflects the brand's most important message in one word.


We launched a modern sales platform based on Magento 2, expanding its functionality with additional integrations and enabling our partner to independently manage the platform.

Using Progressive Web Application, we created a faster and more cost-effective alternative to a traditional mobile application in the TWA model.

Patrycja Jaworska, eCommerce Manager at Kontigo, on collaboration with Fast White Cat:

We have been working with Fast White Cat since 2016. Over this time, we have managed to establish a fruitful communication path based on mutual trust. That's why the choice of an agency to migrate Kontigo's store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was obvious for us. The new Kontigo e-commerce store is the result of the work of both parties, which was based on shared ideas, commitment, as well as the experience and technical knowledge of the Fast White Cat team. A good agency, and Fast White Cat certainly is one, is made up of great employees and even better leaders. Thanks to this, the work on our project flowed smoothly and without issues. Competence, commitment, and mutual trust allowed us to overcome minor external obstacles that inevitably arise during such projects. The improved, modern platform fully meets our expectations. We have more ideas for the further development of our platform while continuing to work with the same Fast White Cat team. We hope that our new e-commerce store will also be appreciated by our customers, which will result in increased brand awareness in the e-commerce market.

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