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We help you to have a complete webshop up and running within 5 day – for up to 300 articles.

Challenging times require

innovative ideas

Many of us are facing very challenging times. Especially those who serve their customers in the offline world. Most affected are very regional and small family-operated companies.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you that you can move your entire business online but I’m sure even you can move some of your non-core business offline – into a webshop.


Here’s just 3 areas, that stimulate you to come up with your own innovations:

  • Spare parts and consumables (think of plumbers, installers and electricians)
  • 3rd party products related to your services (think of hairdressers and beauty salons)
  • Shops that have to be closed
Your webshop in 5 days

Fast White Cat is a leading eCommerce service provider in Poland.
Around 100 experts developed more than 50 eCommerce stores
over the past 8 years.

Our contribution to the COVID19 crisis is that we help organizations

Fast – within 5 working days
Cheap – for a fixed price of EUR 5.000
Complete – we do the full service including payment/billing integration, adding your products, your descriptions and your pictures, operating the eShop, etc.


Will we make profit with this offer: no
Will we cover our costs with this offer: hopefully
Will we become a valuable partner: absolutely


Do your friends a favor and share this information with them. It might help them to survive the crisis.


Contact us at mywebshop@fastwhitecat.com

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